Frequently Asked Questions
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Will implementation disrupt my business?
Disruption will be minimal. We will require some of your time in order to help design the optimal program for your business. But because we host everything there is no technical disruption.

What equipment do I need?
A simple internet browser per location where you want to record the transactions. In some cases this will mean a cheap PC per checkout point while for other it will be one PC to record the transactions daily.
An optional scanner can help speed up the transactions.

How long will it take to get started?
We can have you set up on the system within 2 days. The only delay will be on designing and getting your approval for the cards. In total we would expect to have you up and running within 2-3 working weeks of your decision.

Can suit my planned program? is a flexible system. If you want to post vouchers to people monthly or deduct the points at time of sale you may do so. If you want the points to be used an a discount per point basis thatís possible as is offering set discounts when a certain number of points is reached. We can help you devise a program that best suits your needs.

Do I have freedom to award and redeem points as I want or am I limited in some way?
How you structure the reward program depends on the needs of your business. is flexible enough to adapt to your needs.

How can I let the customer know how many points they have? is a separate system from your till and so the points a person has cannot be printed on the receipt. However you can let the person know by entering their card number and seeing the balance shown. Unlike the till-based system the cardholder can also check their points at any time online. Here they can also see every transaction that led to this card balance. And if they lose their card they can transfer the points to a new one.

Are the points wiped off the card after use?
The points are both awarded and removed by you. If someone redeems their points for a reward it is up to you to deduct the points from the card. This is a simple process that works exactly like the system used to award points.

Do points expire?
You set the terms of your reward program and this can include an expiry period for unused points.

Will work with online sales?
You can use to give points to people buying online. At the moment this is a manual process where you have to capture the card number and then manually enter the points they receive. We will be working to automate large sections of this if there is enough demand.

What security is there in the system? has a range of security features built into the system for both cardholders and businesses. Cardholders use verified email addresses as their login ID which allows us to communicate with them regarding their account (for instance resending lost passwords) safe in the knowledge that it really is them. They also have the security of knowing that their points are always safe and can be transferred from a lost card to a replacement.
Businesses meanwhile need to be sure that no unauthorised person can use the system and that staff cannot login from home. Finally all transactions are recorded with the time they took place, the IP address used and the individual staff ID. Using this information we can if necessary identify individuals who are awarding too many points to friends or family.

Do customers need to have an email address?
No. The customer must provide either an email address or mobile phone number to create their account. This is then verified to ensure that they are not registering someone else and also to ensure we have away to send them details if they lose their password.
The verified email or mobile phone can then be used as teir login identifier so they don't have to remember another username.

How do I collect customer contact details?
You do not need to collect any information from customers when giving them their card and they do not need to provide any information when collecting points. Instead the customer registers on at some point before collecting their rewards. If they already have an account with us they do not need to provide their contact information again. Instead all they do is enter the serial number of your card to register it.
If you wish to carry out the registration process for the customer you may do so but the method we have designed is aimed at minimising the work you have to do.