Frequently Asked Questions
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What advantages does offer my business over a stamped card?
traditional stamped cards have their uses but are limited in the benefits they can bring to your business:
  • collecting customer information is difficult
  • there is no method for tracking usage, particularly across multiple stores, and so no customer profile is built up.
  • there is no way of easily telling who throws away their card after the first time, who has multiple cards, what percentage of people return, or any other customer usage data.
  • The customer places no inherent value or ownership on the card and so do not necessarily carry it with them at all times
  • the advertising and marketing potential of the cards is limited to tipping a decision between two premises.
  • the flexibility in awarding points is limited to multiples of one unit

  • solves these issues and provides a range of extra features
  • Registration is on the web site and does not need to be processed by the store.
  • If the person already has an account from another card issuer they do not need to re-enter their information to collect rewards with the new card.
  • The system automatically builds profiles of usage and can be used to generate data such as what percentage of people use the card regularly, what the fall-off usage is etc.
  • The data can be used to target direct marketing to individuals meeting a certain profile.
  • The business can easily communicate with the cardholder through a news section visible when they check their points.
  • The flexibility of the system means points can be awarded in different amounts rather than multiples and can vary depending on time etc.

  • What advantages does offer my customers over a stamped card?
    Stamped cards are a benefit to customers but these benefits are limited. The biggest drawback from the customers view is that they are bearer items. The points are contained on the card itself and if this is lost (or ends up in the washing machine) then so are the points. There is also no way of tracking the history to identify when transactions occurred.
    Cards issued by businesses using can be registered by the holder and once this is done the points are kept online. This means that points can be transferred from a lost or damaged card to a replacement. Because all transactions are recorded it is also easy for the customer to easily check their history.

    Why would customers take the card?
    Our research found two main reasons why people reject cards: they don't want to provide their information to yet another business before collecting points and they do not want to have to remember another password. eliminates both these objections.
    People can take and start using their card without providing any contact information. Once they have points they are more likely to provide the information to collect their rewards.
    If they already have an account on the website they don't need to provide the same information again and if they don't have an account they know that this is the only time they need to create one.
    In addition we provide extra value over a stamped card by allowing them to see all transactions and by ensuring that points can be transferred from a lost card to a new one very easily.

    What additional services does provide?
    We help you to design the card and the program itself and roll it out. This includes advising on any equipment.
    The site also provides functions above and beyond the simple management of points. It shows you a range of statistics and monthly comparisons which help you monitor your program and business and develop direct marketing programs.
    In addition we provide a simple means for communicating with your customers through a news flash that is seen whenever a person check their online statement.