Frequently Asked Questions
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New customers are expensive to obtain. In todays climate it is essential that you keep the customers you have and market to those who have used you in the past. offers a range of tools that will help you to
  • Keep in touch with regular customers.
  • Identify and contact customers who used to use you regularly but have stopped for some time.
  • Keep your business infront of regular and occasional customers.
  • Identify areas where your customers come from and areas where you have few customers: allowing you to target your advertising effectively.
  • In this section we answer some questions about what data is available, how you can get it and most importantly what you can do with it.

    What can I do with the information?
    Information on your business and your customers is critical to the success of your business. The information provides allows you to directly market to customer individually based on criteria such as frequency of use, birthdays and more. It also allows you to target more general campaigns to specific areas, for instance

    What tools are available? stores all the information you provide about a transaction. this includes the number of points awarded, what it was awarded for (if you provide this) and the time and date. This is all linked to the account of the cardholder. This is a lot of information and we provide some tools to help make sense of it. The dashboard provides a visual system to see activity trends for the past 3 months : how many transactions every month? how many cards used?

    A second level of data allows you to show cards that meet specific criteria: what cards have collected over 400 points but have not been used in the last 3 months will show previously loyal customers who have since stopped coming into the store, allowing you to contact them with new offers.

    I have three shops can I see each individually or only as a whole? provides different levels of view that meet different needs. Individual stores can see statistics that relate to their own store. If these stores are part of a chain or franchise then the head office can get a higher-level view helping them see when, where and why people use individual stores. This could help identify unsuspected trends: for instance if a significant number of customers use store A in the morning but use store B every Friday instead.

    What can I do with the data available?
    What you do with the information collected of course depends on your priorities but some examples include;
  • sending cards with special offers to customers on their birthdays
  • targeting advertising in places where you have fewer customers
  • running direct mail campaigns to previously active customers who have stopped coming lately
  • identifying of people from certain areas use the store more often than those of others
  • targeting advertising based on who and what areas purchase particular goods more than others.

  • In short the data can save you money by helping you target your advertising more effectively based on a range of otherwise unknown criteria.

    Can I download the data?
    Yes you can download all the data indepth as an Excel file for analysis.