Frequently Asked Questions
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How Customisable is
There is limited customisability within the site, though this will increase. The card is shown on the screen and there are options to include contact details, a description of the business and program, and a link to the business website.

Is going to replace my own business identity? is aimed at consumer businesses and our research amongst these businesses and their customers showed that one of the biggest obstacles to accepting a card is the requirement for individual accounts for every card. For this reason myrewardcard.ieis designed around a central location where a person can manage all their cards. This is a selling point for independent businesses but does mean that the has to take some of the spotlight. We endeavour to balance our brand and yours in a way that will benefit you most effectively and we do not see replacing anyones brand. Instead this selling point allows you to focus on your customers and the details of the program you offer. Think of us as a utility site.

Can I have a fully branded stand-alone service? is designed to be a co-branded option. Your card and business details are visible and the card itself is your design. However the central location is used for a cardholder to manage all the cards they hold. By doing things in this way we minimise a persons reluctance to take your card. Because they only need to create one account, enter information once and remember one password they are happier to take your card.