Frequently Asked Questions
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Is suitable for chains? is perfect for chains of stores owned by the same company. The cards are issued centrally and divided between the shops as required. They are accepted in all other stores in the chain but the points are centrally pooled so they can be redeemed in any other premises in the chain. If the same company owns all premises this is not a problem. If the system is a franchise then see below.
Each store has its own statistics and can see the usage in its own store as well as accessing the contact information of all cardholders. It cannot see the statistics for any other individual store. However the marketing manager of the chain can access this information, see relative performance and also use this information to build a customer profile based on time of use of each shop, travel patterns etc. This can be used to build a central advertising campaign or to individually target customers with direct mailings.

Is suitable for Franchises?
Yes. The system can be used for individual stores, chains and franchises. One of the primary concerns for Franchises is to prevent all the points being awarded in one store but redeemed in another. This can be prevented by setting an internal value to points. Individual Franchisees can then be charged for points issued and paid for those redeemed and charge for points issued but credited for ones redeemed. The franchise manager can reports on a monthly or quarterly basis to identify the points balance for each franchisee.
The individual franchisees can see reports related specifically to their own branch and use this to run their own advertising and direct marketing campaigns. In addition the franchise manager can see reports across all premises and use these to see trends in usage and plan central advertising campaigns.