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Reward People For Doing Business Locally

  • Reward People For Doing Business Locally.

  • Increase Revenue for Businesses in the Community.

  • Generate Revenue for Community Groups and Causes.

  • Allow Everyone To Work Together For A Vibrant Community.

  • Provide Businesses With Information They Need To Thrive.

  • Information To Help The Community Attract Business And Visitors.

  • No Long-Term Commitments.

  • No Change To Practices Required By Businesses.

  • Different Reward Options Possible.

  • A community is a partnership between three elements: individuals that form the community itself; groups, clubs and associations who provide the services and facilities that help the residents interact and create an identity; and businesses who provide jobs and income within the area. Take any of those away and the community suffers. is now offering a complete and unique solution that helps communities by helping all three pillars. It does this by allowing businesses to offer discounts that combine with those of other businesses to generate greater rewards for customers. At the same time customers not only get rewarded themselves for doing business locally but also help local voluntary organisations without having to dig into their pockets. is used by businesses across the country because it allows them to offer their own branded point-based loyalty cards in a simple and cost-effective manner. Now we have adapted the platform to work with communities. Throughout the country towns are looking for ways to increase the amount of business conducted locally. The most common way they have done this has been with Discount Cards. With this method customers display a card when they shop and receive an immediate discount on their purchase. Unfortunately experience shows repeatedly that these do not work; they create resentment if the business is strict on offering the discount only to holders and they permanently reduce prices if the business tries not to alienate his other customers. has developed a community reward scheme that allows people to build up points every time they shop in a local business. These points combine with those from other businesses and, depending on the communities unique program, can be turned into cash, shopping vouchers or entries into competitions. At the same time they collect points for themselves customers will also be contributing points to a fund for a designated local organisation such as a sports club or charity thereby helping the community and making them feel even better about shopping locally.

    There is no extra work on the part of the businesses and no change to their regular workday routine. There is also no commitment involved. Instead they get to transform existing discounts into tax-deductable investments that can generate valuable Business Intelligence reports.

    How It Works

    The loyalty platform developed by includes a self-service voucher element. This can be used to allow people to collect points in every local business and get cash-back from the combined purchases.

  • Businesses purchase vouchers and give one to customers for various activities (for example 1 for every €10 spend).
  • Customers register the voucher online to both collect points for themselves and the designated local cause.
  • Periodically the points are converted into cash or local shopping vouchers

  • One of the critical factors in the program is that it is administered locally. can provide the IT systems that reduce fraud and increase trust in the program but the local community organisation directly manages the details and decides on the operation of the program. Depending on which form of program you decide on it can even provide a salary to a full or part-time administrator.

    Glanmire Area Community Association

    The Glanmire Area Community Association (GACA) is a 30-year old community organisation that has many achievements to its name. Its biggest problem is that it does not have a recurring regular revenue stream to fund long-term capital developments. It has now set-up a "Shop Local" campaign that rewards people for doing business locally by giving them vouchers for entry into a monthly draw. The vouchers are sold to businesses who in turn give them to their customers. A portion of the price of every voucher goes to a monthly prize fund and the remainder goes to GACA to cover administration costs and fund the capital projects that will benefit the whole community. Meanwhile businesses receive advertising on posters,websites, newsletters and newspapers as well as the goodwill of the residents by supporting the Community Association.
    Learn More about the Glanmire Area Community Association at

    What Makes This Different

    Communities have tried to encourage local shopping through various means, primarily Discount Cards. These have not worked for the same reason that Tesco does not use Discount Cards; regular customers resent seeing occasional visitors get a discount that they themselves might not have and the shop sees their headline sales figure drop due to the discounts (a particularly bad thing when dealing with the bank). This program is different because it avoids those problems and provides consumers with the point based programs they have shown to prefer.
  • It helps participating businesses by giving people a reason to shop with them
  • It allows a point-based Loyalty card that has been proven to be most popular with consumers and allows it to operate across the community
  • It helps the consumer, the business and local community organisations.
  • It does not require any IT equipment in the participating businesses making it suitable for all businesses including supermarkets, taxis, plumbers etc.
  • There is no long-term commitment from the community or the businesses.
  • There is no extra work on the part of the business.
  • It provides added value to the businesses by showing them information on their business that they can use to improve advertising and other business metrics.
  • It allows discounts to be given in a tax-advantageous way and without hitting the top-line figures that are important to the bank.
  • It allows consumers to combine their discounts from all businesses and to see their discounts build up online.
  • Because each voucher is unique and verified by the system the fraud possible with other methods is eliminated.
  • Each voucher is unique and can be used as an entry into a draw or even to award spot prizes. This can generate excitement and encourage visitors who might not otherwise see the benefit of registering their vouchers to do so.

  • Benefits

    This is a solution that encourages people to shop locally, helps business bottom line and assists local causes while allowing customers to combine discounts and help their local community.

  • Turn Discounts into Investment: Businesses are offering various discounts from price cuts to Early-Bird Menus. These reduce the revenue the business earns which does not look good to the banks. Under our program the business simply offers extra vouchers in place of discounts - thus retaining the sales price and allowing the discount to become a tax-deductible marketing expense.
  • Business Intelligence Reports: Each business will receive information that can help them better plan and manage their business.
  • Flexibility: Businesses can choose the solution that suits them best. For instance a taxi company can reward telephone bookings or restaurants can promote specific wines or dining at quiet times.
  • No Changes Required: Businesses do not have to make any changes or implement technological solutions. They simply hand out vouchers based on their chosen criteria.
  • No Commitment: There is no long term commitment. A business simply purchases 1 book of vouchers and if they are not happy with the results then they do not purchase any more.
  • Consumers
  • Group Discounts: Discounts from all businesses are grouped together.
  • Vibrant Economy: By doing business locally the customer is helping to ensure a vibrant local economy.
  • Community Services: Residents are able to support local services such as clubs and community associations and do so without putting their hand in their pocket.

  • The Community
  • Vibrant Economy: Because of the way the program is structured it allows all businesses to participate. This is not just a retail option and so it helps keep a broad local economy.
  • Community Services: No community is just its economy. This program can generate significant income for local community services and organisations such as charities, sports clubs or community associations.

  • Who Should Be Interested? can provide IT services, advice, and expertise in designing and running a program in your community. We can work with any organisation interested in developing a program for their community. This can include;
  • Community Associations
  • Business Associations
  • Charities
  • Sporting Clubs

  • Our system can be used by one organisation or can allow multiple organisations (such as local GAA, Rugby and Soccer clubs) to work together to share the funding - either agreed in advance or allowing residents to nominate their choice of club.

    Times are tough for all businesses. The communities that will make it successfully through the recession are the ones that innovate and work together to retain and attract businesss. Rather than waiting passively for customers you need to give them reasons to do business in your town. The solution from can provide unique incentives to customers and results for businesses. Learn More With No Commitment...

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