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Asterion Software Ltd.
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Getting New Customers is Eight Times More Expensive than Selling to Existing Ones!

Cut Your Costs and Increase Your Revenue With Reward and Gift Card Programs You Control.

  • which of your customers has a birthday coming up?
  • which of your customers hasn't come back to you in 6 months?
  • which of your customers gets the Gift Cards?
  • how long does it takes Gift card recipients to use it?
  • do Gift card recipients ever return again?
  • how long it takes people to earn enough Loyalty points to get their reward
  • who are the most regular customers and which ones spend most overall?
  • If you know this you are on your way to a sucessful business. If you can combine it with verified phone numbers and email addresses and you can easily increase your revenue and cut your advertising costs. is a service for SMEs that provides them with a way to offer their customers professional Reward, Gift and Saving Programs that encourage repeat business and cut costs. The system is internet based and helps you to encourage repeat business by providing you with information about your customers and their dealings with you.

    Reward Programs provide any business with a strong tool to both increase revenue and cut costs. They have generally come in two forms: the effective but expensive Tesco-type club card and the ineffective but cheap stamped cardboard card.

    Gift Cards are well-established ways to help gain new customers and they too come in the same effective but expensive or ineffective but cheap varieties as Reward Cards.

    Invariably the large businesses use the effective type while the small businesses use the variety which have no inherent value and provide no information that can help target their marketing.

    Until Now has been designed to bring the benefits of the electronic card to smaller businesses at an unbelievably low price. It has many advantages over the paper-based systems...

  • Information That Cuts Costs: automatically generates information that can help any business to improve its performance. This is information that cannot be generated from a paper systems and includes analysis by gender, age, usage and more. For instance you can easily see how your female customers in their 20s from town A differ in their behaviour from similar customers in Town B, allowing you to target your advertising and promotions more accurately and effectively. Or you can see those customers who have not come back to you in 6 months and send them a personalised offer. All of which cuts your advertising costs and increases its effectiveness.

  • Secure: Unlike paper systems, brings extra security to your program. Built into the system are checks that prevent unauthorised staff from issuing points and allows you to see which authorised staff may be issuing excessive points. It also allows customers to be secure in the knowledge that losing their card will not mean losing their points since these are stored on our servers.

  • Integrated CRM: The system can help you cut the time taking orders by telling you peoples names, their last orders, directions and more when they ring. Less time per order means more orders get through in busy times.

  • Reduced Cash Handling: Use the system as a Virtual Wallet and reduce the amount of cash you have to keep on hand or the change you have to give...and improve your cash flow.

  • Happier Customers: Customers love Loyalty Cards. Give them what they want and they will come back to you.

  • Knowing your customers is key to success. The system we have developed allows indepndent businesses to focus their attention on customers in the same way that the multinationals have been able to do for years. And to do so for a very low fee. The playing field is now level so give us a call now on 021-2349920 to take advantage of it.

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